Living with a chronic condition is never a walk in the park. The pain, the anguish, and the agony can be overwhelming, if not downright disparaging. What’s more – everyone needs a personal touch, support, and comfort in knowing there is someone out there that not only cares about our condition but also goes through the same ordeal we face every day.

So, welcome to Chronic Survivors – we are glad you are here. We are a new and innovative movement with a mission to raise awareness and offer online support worldwide. We strive to provide you with a plethora of information about chronic illnesses affecting millions across the globe. And that isn’t all.

Our website is designed to interact with you. Here, you will find true stories from people living with chronic conditions all over the world. Our holistic approach is simple – inform, interact, and initiate. And as you might expect, all suggestions, comments, and queries are requested and always welcome. Let’s begin our journey to a pain-free living – together.

Chronic Survivors keeps tabs on what is happening in the world of chronic illnesses – the breakthroughs, life hacks, and other noteworthy news. We also endeavor to capture anything and everything important that touches the lives of people living with chronic diseases. All these information are meant to instill your basest and innermost feelings, and perhaps add a little flair and sass to your challenge-filled life.

By interacting with our readers, we intend to reach out to the masses to create unwavering awareness of such chronic illnesses. It’s unfortunate that the general public is always in the dark when it comes to chronic conditions. Unlike physical conditions, chronic diseases are not always apparent. We suffer from the inside. We go through harrowing moments to pull through the day. And we want everyone to be aware of that. To understand. And to support.

Again, our mission is to pull together all resources and might to create a formidable support network. In it, you will find comfort, the right ambience to share your experience and learn from others. We want to create a sense of belonging, a feeling of understanding, and an atmosphere for viable solutions.

Let’s all join the Chronic Survivors bandwagon to bid goodbye to pain – and say hello to normal living.

What’s a Chronic Illness?
Many definitions are thrown around, but a chronic disease is a condition that lasts a very long time, sometimes even a lifetime.

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