Body pain

Body pain is our bodies way of letting us know that we are either hurting or healing. It’s a part of life that everyone has to experience at some moment.

We’ve all had cuts, bumps, and bruises from banging into stuff or falling down. Not to mention the occasional aches and stiffness that come from overdoing things.

But, there are some types of body pain that are not caused by direct physical trauma. Rather they stem from our emotional states.

They can persist and affect the quality of our life. Just like any other pain, you should not ignore it. Below are the seven main types of body pain that are directly linked to our human emotions:

1. Upper Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common types of pain reported by people across the world. In some cases pain in the upper back area stems from loneliness, confusion. You might have feelings of being undesired or not loved. In a sense, you may need a stronger emotional backbone. You can find the support you need by turning to friends or family. You can also find other loved ones to help you cheer up and get more social.

2. Lower Back Pain

If you are stressed out about financial issues, it can manifest as body pain in your lower back area. You should not ignore it or letting money problems drag on. You need to do something towards getting your finances in order. Balance your accounts, make a budget and stick with it. You can get help by making an appointment with a money manager or see a financial adviser. Maybe you can ask for a raise or promotion, and just go for it!

3. Head Pain

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out to the max it can take a toll on your health. Built up of tension and stress is often a cause of body pain. Headaches, migraines, mental strain, and other types of pain in your head area stem from all that.  To help ease it, give yourself a break and step back from all the worries. Set aside a moment for yourself to decompress and relax.

4. Elbow Pain

Didn’t bump your elbow, yet it hurts just as bad as if you did? It could be from you being resistant to any recent changes that have taken place in your life. Rigidly sticking with how things once were might cause unexpected issues. You’re more likely to experience stiff arms and elbow joints. Instead of being so anti-change, embrace the shift, you’ll feel a lot better from it!

5. Hip Pain

The previous point, elbow pain signifies you’re resistant to changes. Hip pain means you’re scared of moving on and what may come of the future. You need to throw caution to the wind and go with the flow. Change is inevitable so why not take control of your life. Get up and get moving!

6. Neck Pain

Try not to hold on to grudges and harbors animosity towards both the ones you love and even yourself. You may often find yourself with a stiff, painful feeling in your neck. Instead focus on all the things you like and enjoy about them instead.  Work towards forgiveness, then you can move on and your neck pain will subside.

7. Shoulder Pain

Ever feel like the weight of the world is riding on your shoulders? That heavy, tiresome load is the emotional burden you’ve taken on. You are now lugging it around with you everywhere you go. It’s a nagging type of pain that’s hard to ignore. But for it to go away you’ll need to do something that takes your mind off your problems and worries. Also, we often take on other people’s problems on top of our own. When you stop doing that it’s like some of the weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

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